• Spongebob Shoggoth.

    Spongebob Shoggoth.

    I’m more confused by the weird friendly little robot dude than anything else about this, and that worries me.


  • “The Bat-Signal on the Moon!”

    "The Bat-Signal on the Moon!"

    “Hey, I got you this map so you could draw North Amer–”

    “Nope, no need. I know what it looks like.”

    “Are you sure? Because I really think you could use–”

    “Not listening.”

    “But it doesn’t even look like–”

    “Motherfucker, North America will look like whatever the fuck I decide it looks like!”

  • Did You Know?

    Did You Know?

  • Lines Have Been Crossed.

    Lines Have Been Crossed.

    I’m sure Batman’s just got something in his eye and is asking Nightwing if he can see it. Right?



  • Hot Hot Man-on-Bear Action.

    Hot Hot Man-on-Bear Action.

    I thought I knew what a “bear” was in sexual parlance.

    Apparently I was gravely misinformed.