• Green on Green.

    Hal would so not be the bottom of this relationship.


  • Does Whatever a Geriatric Spider Can.

    That’s not how dough works.

  • Prom Season.

    Man, the symbiote can look like any article of clothing imaginable, and this is what you go with? Up your game, Brock.

    Wait, is Eddie Brock still Venom? Venom again? I don’t actually read comics.


  • Fruit Boy.

    “So what’s your super power?”

    “Well, I can literally end world hun–”

    “Get the fuck out.”

  • Review: Spider-Man Homecoming

    I’m just going to come right out and say that Spider-Man Homecoming is absolutely not the movie that I thought it would be. In may ways, it is a complete inversion of what has become the MCU formula. The anti-blockbuster, if you will. And not only does this daring and unexpected new direction pay off in spades, but the end result is something that could be considered Oscar-worthy.

    Like… legitimately Oscar-worthy. Not “IGN Reviews GTA 4” Oscar-worthy.

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