• “Holo Sweet”

    "Holo Sweet"

    I can process almost everything about this but the presence of the Sorceress from He-Man. Even by the standards of the stuff I post here, that’s random.


  • Unabashed Fetish Fuel.

    Unabashed Fetish Fuel.

    The way that chain is wrapped around her can’t possibly provide any meaningful restraint.

  • This is Not How Turtles Reproduce.

    This is Not How Turtles Reproduce.

    There is a ridiculous amount of pregnant Ninja Turtle art out there.

    And yet what bothers me most is that none of them depict eggs in any fashion.


  • “This is Fantastic!”

    "This is Fantastic!"

    Not exactly the choice of words I would use to describe three doppelgangers moving in for the kill.

  • The Joy of Screaming.

    The Joy of Screaming.

    Be sure to make your sins against God look like happy sins against God.