• Still Not Enough Genres. Need More Genres!

    Oh man, if you threw a gorilla and a dinosaur in there somewhere, this would be the most comic book-y comic book cover ever.

  • We’re All Wearing That Signboard.

    It’s downright eerie how perfectly this encapsulates just how much DC Comics completely and utterly fucked up their big Batwedding event.

  • Peter Talks to a Spider.

    It’s a good thing Peter’s walking around wearing that sweater with a spider on it. That way you know for sure which one’s Spider-Man.

  • Thunder. Thunder. Thundercats, nooooooooooooooo!

    God, remember how so many people lost their shit over Teen Titans Go? Imagine the response to this if it were real.

    Wait, it is real?

    Oh god, not like this.

  • “Batman for a Night!”

    Dude, even if his sister hadn’t been killed, why would you let him be Batman for the night?

    “I’m Batman. I am one of the smartest people in the world, have a lifetime of training in martial arts, and use tons of specialized equipment that you couldn’t hope to master.”

    “Cool. Hey, can I be Batman tonight?”

    “Okay, sure.”