• We’re All Wearing That Signboard.

    It’s downright eerie how perfectly this encapsulates just how much DC Comics completely and utterly fucked up their big Batwedding event.

  • Peter Talks to a Spider.

    It’s a good thing Peter’s walking around wearing that sweater with a spider on it. That way you know for sure which one’s Spider-Man.

  • Thunder. Thunder. Thundercats, nooooooooooooooo!

    God, remember how so many people lost their shit over Teen Titans Go? Imagine the response to this if it were real.

    Wait, it is real?

    Oh god, not like this.

  • “Batman for a Night!”

    Dude, even if his sister hadn’t been killed, why would you let him be Batman for the night?

    “I’m Batman. I am one of the smartest people in the world, have a lifetime of training in martial arts, and use tons of specialized equipment that you couldn’t hope to master.”

    “Cool. Hey, can I be Batman tonight?”

    “Okay, sure.”

  • “The Cat and the Cosmic Cube!”

    Now at first, you might think that flying around in a helicopter with your name on it is ridiculous, but maybe this is from some obscure run where Thanos was portrayed as the evil CEO of an eponymous corporation and this was just one of the company choppers.

    Or maybe it’s just ridiculous to fly around in a helicopter with your name on it.