• Review: Avengers 2.5: Civil War


    Once again, I haven’t actually watched the movie. But I am an asshole on the internet with a baseless opinion born of my prejudices and preconceptions, which is practically the same thing.

    By now, the “Marvel Movie Formula” has become a well-trod path indeed. One might even go so far as to call it a rut. Each movie seems to share the same aspects, with only the names and faces swapped around like someone ran a find and replace on the script. The same Mcguffin-driven plot structure, the same story beats, the same style of humor, the same trail of metaplot breadcrumbs after the credits, etc. It’s trite. It’s routine. It’s–holy shit, is that fucking¬†Spider-Man? Read More

  • Aquaman is a Bad Ichthyologist.

    Aquaman is a Bad Ichthyologist.

    Boy, I hope you’re not teaching a biology class there.

    What is the octopus even supposed to write with?

  • Did You Know?

  • Civil War of the Heart

    Civil War of the Heart

    The whole “internal strife between the Avengers rising to violence against each other” is really just the super-hero equivalent of pulling on pigtails, isn’t it?




    Oh god.

    Oh god.

    Whatever I did to deserve this, I’m sorry.