• My First Response to Finding a Giant Fossil Egg is to Hit it With a Hammer Too.

    How does that arm even fit in that egg, let alone whatever it’s attached to?

    (I swear to God, if any of you make some sort of quip about Dr. Who or TARDIS, I will slap you.)

  • There Are No Roller Coasters Here At All!

    Here’s just a list of questions I have about this cover:

    • Who the hell is that off to the left-hand side there?
    • Who the hell is that in the middle?
    • What the hell is the red beam of energy?
    • What the hell is the blue, presumably glowing, thing?
    • What the hell is wrong with the dude’s left foot?
    • What the holy fuck does any of this have to do with roller coasters?
  • Still Not Enough Genres. Need More Genres!

    Oh man, if you threw a gorilla and a dinosaur in there somewhere, this would be the most comic book-y comic book cover ever.

  • We’re All Wearing That Signboard.

    It’s downright eerie how perfectly this encapsulates just how much DC Comics completely and utterly fucked up their big Batwedding event.

  • Peter Talks to a Spider.

    It’s a good thing Peter’s walking around wearing that sweater with a spider on it. That way you know for sure which one’s Spider-Man.