• Wonder Ventriloquism?

    Wonder Ventriloquism?

    Seeing as Superman has been cornering that market for years, your powers of mimicry are not really all that unique.

    Plus it’s not achieved by vibrating your teeth. Seriously, what the fuck?

  • “Holo Sweet”

    "Holo Sweet"

    I can process almost everything about this but the presence of the Sorceress from He-Man. Even by the standards of the stuff I post here, that’s random.


  • Unabashed Fetish Fuel.

    Unabashed Fetish Fuel.

    The way that chain is wrapped around her can’t possibly provide any meaningful restraint.

  • This is Not How Turtles Reproduce.

    This is Not How Turtles Reproduce.

    There is a ridiculous amount of pregnant Ninja Turtle art out there.

    And yet what bothers me most is that none of them depict eggs in any fashion.


  • “This is Fantastic!”

    "This is Fantastic!"

    Not exactly the choice of words I would use to describe three doppelgangers moving in for the kill.