• Octovengers.

    Yep. That’s the Avengers rendered as octopuses.

    Not octopi, god damn it. I don’t care if it’s an accepted variant, “Octopus” doesn’t have a Latin root and isn’t pluralized by an -i suffix, assholes.


  • Whatever Happened to Groot’s Vocabulary?

    Dude, you’re made of wood. I’ve got like a whole list of things that could defeat you.

    • Fire
    • Some sort of giant beaver
    • A whole bunch of regular beavers
    • Termites
    • Giant termites
    • Someone with a chainsaw
    • Agent Orange

    I’d say that Swamp Thing would also push his shit in, but I guess tagging in DC characters is cheating.

  • Minions Have Ruined Everything.

    Days of Future Past does not deserve to be sullied like this. God damn it, Chuck, is nothing sacred?


  • Dude, “Eye Scream” doesn’t work as a pun here.

    Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. Your super power is to melt into a puddle of ice cream?

    I… That’s just… God damn, man.

  • Give it to Me Now.

    Yeah, yeah, the characters don’t really mesh as well together as the costume design does.

    Shut up, I still want it.