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  • Superdickery at Norwescon 38!


    As in I will personally be there at Norwescon this year.

    As an attendee, not an exhibitor, because what in the fuck would I be there to sell?  Pretty sure you can just laugh at comic books and bad fan art on the internet for free.

    But if you should happen to be there Thursday through Sunday this year, feel free to drop me a line on my Twitter account. I could say “Hi” in person and make things incredibly awkward!


  • Your Burning Questions, Answered.

    For questions about your burning sensation, please consult a medical professional.

    The sudden and unexpected revival of the site has prompted a few questions to come my way, so I threw together this quick and dirty FAQ to address the major ones that I’ve received.

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  • Ten Years Later, and Superman is Still a Dick (And I Guess I Am Too).

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably noting that there have been a few changes around here.  Congratulations, your powers of observation are truly commendable.

    But seriously, for years now the Superdickery website has lay fallow, a wasteland of poorly formatted tables, questionable ads, constant security breaches, and just an all around shitty user experience.  It was, in a word, abandoned.  A derelict fossil of a terrible website frozen in time.

    And that’s all on me.  I take full responsibility.

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