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  • Superdickery Has Thoughts and Stuff.

    Superdickery Has Thoughts and Stuff.

    So it goes without saying that comic book culture has become firmly entrenched into the mainstream at this point. A surprising number of people have found it necessary to query my opinion on various developments in the adaptations of comic book properties. Because as the guy running a site devoted to comics, surely I must have some sort of opinion on this shit.

    Well yeah, I do. Here’s the Official Superdickery Opinion on Recent Stuff:

    • Avengers: Age of Ultron–Looks good to me, I’m sure I’ll see it eventually. Maybe even in a theater! I work for a living and have a family and shit, I don’t get to go see movies as much as I used to. But seriously, it’s about killer robots and it has the Hulkbuster Iron Man armor. That’s my jam.
    • Batman v Superman Teaser–Also looks good to me. The initial impression I get is that it looks like the pitch for this was “Let’s put that power armor fight at the end of the Dark Knight Returns on the big screen!” and everything else was built in service to that goal. I’m personally a fan of the power armor fight, so I’m willing to accept a lot of shit to be entertained by what is almost a robot Batman.
    • DKIII: The Master Race–Not content to simply let The Dark Knight Strikes Again retroactively make The Dark Knight Returns a lesser work, Frank Miller is back at it again. Maybe it won’t be terrible, but I’m not exactly holding my breath.
    • Daredevil–I watched this and I really don’t see anything amazing about it. Yes, the fight scenes are mostly pretty great, but from the second episode in you knew this was going to be a show where he doesn’t even put on the goddamned costume until near the end of the final episode, and lo and behold… D’onofiro’s snarling man-child rageaholic take on the Kingpin is the opposite of compelling (and indeed seems to actively hinder my ability to believe he ever had his shit together enough to build a criminal empire), and everyone’s competency level seems pretty low until the story calls for them to actually need to do their job. Foggy did use “dickery” in a sentence, though. I guess there’s that.
    • Joker and Nightcrawler Reveals–Christ, not this shit again… Yes, they don’t look especially good. But I seem to be the lone survivor of some alternate timeline that collapsed in the course of some Crisis on Infinite Earths-level catastrophe, because apparently I’m the only man left alive who remembers that everyone shits on every X-Men character design that’s revealed and nobody initially liked the Joker that everyone says Leto should look more like. Quicksilver was fucking awful looking, but then he got the best set piece in Days of Future Past, and suddenly nobody remembers how much they hated him. People shat on casting Heath Ledger as the Joker, their hatred only intensified when his look was revealed, but now the internet can’t stop sucking his posthumous dick for his amazing performance. But will anyone learn not to rush to judgement until we see someone actually perform the role on screen in a properly lit scene? No. This is the Internet.


  • Superdickery at Norwescon 38!


    As in I will personally be there at Norwescon this year.

    As an attendee, not an exhibitor, because what in the fuck would I be there to sell?  Pretty sure you can just laugh at comic books and bad fan art on the internet for free.

    But if you should happen to be there Thursday through Sunday this year, feel free to drop me a line on my Twitter account. I could say “Hi” in person and make things incredibly awkward!


  • Your Burning Questions, Answered.

    For questions about your burning sensation, please consult a medical professional.

    The sudden and unexpected revival of the site has prompted a few questions to come my way, so I threw together this quick and dirty FAQ to address the major ones that I’ve received.

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  • Ten Years Later, and Superman is Still a Dick (And I Guess I Am Too).

    If you’re reading this, you’re probably noting that there have been a few changes around here.  Congratulations, your powers of observation are truly commendable.

    But seriously, for years now the Superdickery website has lay fallow, a wasteland of poorly formatted tables, questionable ads, constant security breaches, and just an all around shitty user experience.  It was, in a word, abandoned.  A derelict fossil of a terrible website frozen in time.

    And that’s all on me.  I take full responsibility.

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