• That Shit’s Permanent, Part… Something. I’ve Lost Track.

    This is the Hemo-Goblin. Just gonna quote the DC Database on this one:

    The Hemo-Goblin was a vampire created to help a white-supremacy group eliminate non-whites. He is notable mainly for infecting members of the New Guardians with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. He was killed in battle with the team.


  • “The Guilty Gorilla!”

    Does Captain Comet moonlight as a prosecuting attorney for the state or something?

    Because I’m pretty sure you don’t get to do this if you don’t.

  • Wassp.

    Isn’t the current Wasp like… 15 years old, tops?

    Now we’re probably all on some government watch list. Thanks, Frank.


  • Overreaction Personified.

    Holy effigy, Batman! They’re throwing snowballs at snowmen made in our image! ¬†That’s… that’s entirely innocuous, why are we about to beat the shit out of them?

  • Octovengers.

    Yep. That’s the Avengers rendered as octopuses.

    Not octopi, god damn it. I don’t care if it’s an accepted variant, “Octopus” doesn’t have a Latin root and isn’t pluralized by an -i suffix, assholes.