• Wait, Which Comic Did I Pick Up Again?

    Proofreading is your friend.


    Oof, right in the constant feeling of inadequacy.

  • One Hell of a Consolation Prize.

    “Sorry, your powers aren’t up to our standards. To make it up to you, we’re giving you the power of flight.

    Christ, where do I sign up for tryouts? I have the power to… see the visible light spectrum.


    That’ll do it.

  • Batmetal Forever

    I like Galaktikon/Galaktikon II, Dethklock, and Batman, so theoretically throwing all those into the blender should be awesome.

    People constantly send me the first two Batmetal videos like I haven’t seen them before, and I dig them. I dig this one too, but man, that voice work in the narrative parts is rooooooooough. If there’s a Batmetal and Robin, at least spring for a proofreader. Shit, I’ll do it for free on a lunch break.

  • “It’s Hard Work–But I Will Learn!”

    But what is it you will learn that is such hard–

    You know what, nevermind. I’m sure I don’t want to know.