• This is An Actual Thing That Actually Exists.

    Today I found out that this wasn’t a one-shot, but an actual series that went on for 51 issues.

    Unfortunately, it wasn’t actually any sort of crossover, just a repackaging of previously published Spider-Man and Zoid comics.

    My dream lies in ruins.

  • They’re Made of Meat!

    I’m loving how Robin’s head doesn’t have bones or a brain. Like it’s just a big fleshy lump on top of his neck.


  • And Nothing of Value Was Lost.

    How do you train bees? How do they help you fight crime? How do you hold any significant quantity of bees in your belt to accomplish anything?


  • Terrortubbies.

    Okay, I know I’ve been trying to steer questionable fan art each Friday to things that are at least comic book related if not superheroes, but I can’t just let this one lie.


  • Wait, That’s Not Magnetism!