• “Thank You, Santa Christ!”

    Yeah, it’s not particularly comic book or superhero related, but it’s seasonal and adequately fucked-up on a few levels.


  • Superman Brutalizes Santa.

    If I were you, I’d think twice before putting any ideas about meat grinders into his mind.

  • Earth’s Seal-yist Seals.

    I’ve noticed that there is a trend of people depicting superheroes as seals or manatees lately. Like, multiple people are doing this.

    The internet is fucking weird.


  • “HOOOYAAARGH!!! It’s Me… SATAN!!!”

    Even discounting the possibility he’s actually Satan, having someone without pants leap screaming through your bedroom window seems adequate cause for concern on its own merits.

  • Accurate.

    That’s pretty much exactly what I always envisioned happening in the next panel.