• Color Kid.

    I guess it could be situationally useful against Green Lantern back when he couldn’t affect things that were yellow?

    Man it must burn to be turned down by a super hero group who counts Matter Eater Lad among their number.

  • Things That Make You Go, “Huh….”

    And now I’m thinking of the logistics involved in intercourse between Mr. Fantastic and Elastigirl.


  • “Return of the Dinosaur Killer!”

    I don’t think he’s there to save you, he probably just wants the pterosaurs out of the way while he winds up to throw you like a paper airplane.

  • Stupid Sexy Wade.

    Seriously though, getting it on with Deadpool must be like getting it on with a pile of hamburger meat sculpted into the shape of a man.


  • “oh my god”

    I had pretty much the same reaction when I realized “Fruit Loops” was actually “Froot Loops.”

    This is part of a series of variant covers with instructions on drawing characters, BTW. They’re all pretty good, but this is the best.