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  • We’re All Wearing That Signboard.

    It’s downright eerie how perfectly this encapsulates just how much DC Comics completely and utterly fucked up their big Batwedding event.

  • “Batman for a Night!”

    Dude, even if his sister hadn’t been killed, why would you let him be Batman for the night?

    “I’m Batman. I am one of the smartest people in the world, have a lifetime of training in martial arts, and use tons of specialized equipment that you couldn’t hope to master.”

    “Cool. Hey, can I be Batman tonight?”

    “Okay, sure.”

  • Batmetal Forever

    I like Galaktikon/Galaktikon II, Dethklock, and Batman, so theoretically throwing all those into the blender should be awesome.

    People constantly send me the first two Batmetal videos like I haven’t seen them before, and I dig them. I dig this one too, but man, that voice work in the narrative parts is rooooooooough. If there’s a Batmetal and Robin, at least spring for a proofreader. Shit, I’ll do it for free on a lunch break.

  • Careful, Those Things Are Pointy.

    How does he even walk through doorways with those ears?

  • “The Batman Puppet!”

    So let me see if I have this straight…

    Someone with the power to compel Batman to reveal his secret identity decided the best way to accomplish this was to have Batman call a press conference in an art museum so he can paint a self-portrait?

    Yeah, that checks out.